Moleskine innie tabs

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Moleskine innie tabs

I’m a big fan of Moleskine journals, both the full-size and the small cahiers. I usually end up writing in them in both directions, with one collection of content, say daily thoughts, ideas, artwork, and work-related miscellany, going from front to back and another type, say brainstorming for a book, going from back to to front. And then I usually have a couple of other though clusters tossed somewhere in the middle. I’ve tried conventional tabs, but I hate the little flappy things. So I might try this idea I bumped into on a new site for “tiny inventions,” called Inventoids. Cut “innie” tabs. I think I’ll try it. You can always use color marker bands on the edges, but I think this looks cooler. It’s an interesting option, anyway. YMMV.

Moleskine indexing hack tool – Link

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