More trees with eyes!

Craft & Design
More trees with eyes!

Treeeyes Night
Treeeyes 2-Up
Treeeyes Bark

Spotted in the comments of this earlier ‘seeing’ tree post
Rick Unger & Curt Wiebe created these ‘Arboreal Sentinels’ for the ’06 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

As you can see from these photos, we came up with prosthetic appliances for the trees which contain a pair of eyes. Each eye is made from half of a Ping-Pong ball, with an iris & pupil painted slightly off center. This is then mounted on the second hand shaft of a small (& cheap) clock. A white LED light fitted behind the eye ball illuminates it at night.

The body of each sculpture was made from spraying expanding polyurethane foam around a chicken wire form. The cured foam was then carved down to the desired shape. The Spruce & The Oak were covered with bark collected from the Festival site, and the two Poplars were covered with varnish soaked papier-mache and painted – on-site – to match their specific trees.

Anthropomorphically creep-tastical! – Arboreal Sentinels

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