2-string fretless bass


Fretless 2-String Elecbass
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Peter made an electric bass from some old teak wood found in the garage. Nice job concealing the piezo pickup beneath the bridge – two string fretless bass on Flickr

From the pages of MAKE:
Make09 Strungout
MAKE:09 p.115 – Make a one-string electric guitar

4 thoughts on “2-string fretless bass

  1. tm says:

    That’s really similar to a Whamola. Les Claypool is known to play one and it sounds pretty awesome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    After a couple of weeks of procrastinating, I’ve put together a page with some details about construction (http://sawdustandsolder.googlepages.com/twostringfretlessbass), including a drawing showing how the piezo is fitted: http://sawdustandsolder.googlepages.com/fittingapiezopickup

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