Alternative MIDI controllers

Alternative MIDI controllers

Alt Midi Controllers Terpstra
Alt Midi Controllers Thummer
Alt Midi Controllers Tonalplexus

DeviantSynth has an interesting roundup of alternative commercial(and vaporware) MIDI controllers up, covering a variety of approaches to key-layouts and interface. Helpful info for those brainstorming new input/button/switch arrangements and general design –

Alternate MIDI controllers that are reasonably priced are very difficult to find. The piano-keyboard paradigm has such a death grip on electronic synthesis, it’s embarrassing. This is electronics; the control system is arbitrary and can take any form. But you can’t buy “any form”.

I am always looking for an easier gadget to play riffs on. Having not been tortured with piano lessons in childhood, my preference is for something new.

Read more – Alternate MIDI controllers that are reasonably priced…

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Homemade MIDI controller

Primer 07 2
Midi control – A Primer @ MAKE

In the Maker store:
MidiTron Kit – a new MIDI to real-world interface designed to simplify the process of creating sensor and robotics based electronic art projects. It is easily user configurable and provides 20 terminals of digital and analog inputs and outputs in any combination.

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