Animatronic Beaker Puppet Lip-Syncs to Tunes

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Animatronic Beaker Puppet Lip-Syncs to Tunes

Instructables user vigothecarpathian adapted a holiday decoration to create a fully functional Beaker puppet that can be used as a traditional puppet but also moves his mouth along with the music when a music player is plugged into him.

Beaker-bot, for me is both an excellent puppet for someone like me who does not have good enough puppetry voice skills to talk on my own. I also can have him on display, and he can talk and sing without a puppeteer, which is one of the major advantages of animatronics. I plan on having him on display during holidays such as Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Animatronic Beaker Puppet Lip-Syncs to Tunes

  1. KS says:

    Where is the music?

    1. KS says:

      Never mind – it is on the follow up link. Still, that video should be here.

  2. Mazuul the Giant Touch-er says:

    Wow! Great project! Totally want to build it!

    And to the cray-cray commenter above, you have a critical lithium-bicarbonate deficiency. Please leave the library computer terminal and seek professional medical help immediately!

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