ArcAttack Helps You Add Music To Your Projects With StringTheory

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ArcAttack Helps You Add Music To Your Projects With StringTheory

There have been so many times that people have told me that they would like to play with projects that make music, but they have no knowledge of music. Maybe they know robotics, and want to build a robotic guitarist, but they just don’t know what to do with the guitar itself to make things sound good.

Previously, this meant just doing cover songs. You’d find a popular song and just get the music for it, written out for the instrument you had chosen. However, this leaves original music completely out. Ideally, someone would just learn how to create music but that is a huge task and often not one that you can just do in a weekend. This is where ArcAttack comes in. They have created this tool called StringTheory which lets you choose a few different settings, and then it spits out perfectly usable scales along with visual guides. In other, more complicated words, it is an online music calculator that can solve which chords can be played by various scales. 

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This completely free, web based software could make it very easy to simply pick up an instrument you’ve never played before, select a scale that sounds good, and then start hitting notes that are highlighted on the screen. Even at random, it sounds pretty good (well, you’ll have to Google how to tune your instrument first).

This is a fantastic and powerful tool for people who may want to incorporate music into their projects but don’t want to devote the time to becoming a music expert.

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