Aurora open source DJ mixer/controller now available

Aurora open source DJ mixer/controller now available

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The Aurora USB control surface has just been released in kit and prebuilt versions. It’s aesthetics and synchronized light effects definitely set it apart from the usual retail offerings – and the open source design means it’s quite friendly to modification. Create Digital Music had a sit-down with the device’s creators and gave took it for a spin.

The Aurora really is something special; you can tell that it’s not the typical store-bought controller and people do respond very well to it. Also, while there are control surfaces with cross-faders like Novation’s adorable Nocturn, I can’t think of anything (amazingly) with this particular, balanced layout of effects controls and two-channel mixing. And it really is open source: the enclosure specs, schematics, firmware, and computer software are all available for editing.

Hands-on with Aurora, Open Source DJ Control Surface, Shipping Now


Aurora open-source music controller

2 thoughts on “Aurora open source DJ mixer/controller now available

  1. samurai1200 says:

    now this is what open source is all about. that kit is very thorough and complete… not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

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