[Photo from Feurig on Flickr]


[Image from Feurig on Flickr]


Photo from Feurig on Flickr
Looks like we’ve got a nice BassMod project coming up in the MAKE Flickr pool. Stay tuned for more!

Update 5-18-09
Donald writes in:

There are two pieces to the current project. The first is to replace all of my existing
gear with a software based setup around pd (puredata) and a roland divided pickup. then the next part is to get the whole mess into the body of the bass. There is some
evolution worth explaining so If you can wait I will try to get it written up sometime in the next week or so.

He says that his documentation will likely go on the Dorkbot Portland site. This looks like a fun project, it will be great to see where it goes from here.

2 thoughts on “BassMod

  1. feurig says:

    Its on my list of things to do. I promise.

    Don (aka feurig)

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