Bundt pan resonator guitar

Bundt pan resonator guitar

This photo set of so called “trash can music” instruments is beautiful. I wish I could hear what they sound like. The guitar in the middle incorporates a bundt pan, a lunchbox, and some excellent woodworking skills. About the details, maker Mike Tracz says:

The f-holes were cut and filed by hand and the etching is a quick sand blast treatment. Just enough to rough it up without removing the protective coating.


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4 thoughts on “Bundt pan resonator guitar

  1. mscurious1 says:

    Those are the most amazing things I’ve seen in a long time. I agree with you, I’d love to hear them. They should put up a video of what they sound like.

  2. C H Koh says:

    Those resonator pans are pretty impressive, are they made by the make? Looking forward to plans for this which would be the next step for the cigar-box guitar.

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