Cardboard sequencer/synthesizer


This home-brewed instrument uses an Atmega644 and can be programmed through a qwerty keyboard. I love the sweet electroni-singing! [Thanks, Ian.]

8 thoughts on “Cardboard sequencer/synthesizer

  1. Jennifer Elaan says:

    Is that really cardboard? It looks more like coroplast.

  2. Ian Monroe says:

    Hey, just to be clear, I submitted the tip, but the synth/sequencer was built by my good friend, Craig Iannello. He’s a hardware hacking genius. :)

  3. appliedcryogenics says:

    Its like cardboard except plastic.. ppl make tradeshow booths with it. Still pretty flimsy though! I’m no mechanical engineer!

  4. diginess says:

    I really like the music. It’s strange how even though the sound is limited, the music still comes out.

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