Casio SK-1 modded beyond all recognition

Casio SK-1 modded beyond all recognition


MySpacer GoodVillain has taken Casio SK-1 modding to its limits with the “Sample Smasher”. Stripped of its original enclosure and controls he rehoused the popular sampling keyboard’s electronics in a gig-worthy metal case. and added a slew of new controls and abilities –

The user can record or overlap samples and then change and glitch out the sound using the patch bay below the joysticks. You can also turn those samples into synth sounding basses, pads, leads, and effects as well with the proper tweaking. More importantly you can create sounds no commercial synth can produce.

Additionally you can run your cable connections through pots (the knobs) and fine tune your sound.

The 4 joysticks on the right allow you to play up to 32 notes. And trust me, playing with joysticks instead of keys is not only fun but it is just as easy if not easier to play the synth. The patch bay you see below the wires already jacked in allow you to program which note range the joysticks play so you can set them up to your liking.

The single joystick on the left allows you to actively change the routing of the connections. Using this you can turn the connections on or off which for live play is much easier and entertaining then a regular toggle switch.

The feature list goes on to include MIDI and even a gooseneck mic for vocal sampling. Quite awesome – I’m guessing the patchable pot feature alone would be a lot of fun Read up on his post for more detail. [via Matrixsynth]

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