Cellular automata for sound control

Cellular automata for sound control


The Automaton plugin from Audio Damage uses the rules of cellular automata for sequence and manipulation of audio. It’s AU/VST format compatible and comes with four built-in effects, each with independently customizable behavior. Life simulating algorithms are being used for generative music more and more lately, and for good reason. These techniques can add evolving depth and detail to the oft-repetitive default behaviors of popular music software. Plus, they’re fun to play with; set up a few parameters, hit play and listen to your song grow.

Though I’ve yet to take the Automaton for a spin, it seems a pretty good deal @ $49USD and I’ve enjoyed some of the developer’s other offerings (including their freebee fuzz effect). Even still, I imagine similar tools using PureData/MaxMSP could be easily realized. Video demo & infos – Audio Damage::Automaton [via Create Digital Music]

Univac Automata Front
CellularRecombomat circuit-bent-cellular-automata-synth

Mkcg1-2T Mkad3-2T
Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer Kit & Game of Life LED board

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