HOW TO – Cookie tin tambourine

HOW TO – Cookie tin tambourine

This would make a great upgrade to that pot & pan drumkit –

For at least 3 years now, we have been trying to get our folk dance teachers to teach us an Italian Tarantella. Their main excuse not to do so has always been “But we need tambourines then, …” . Because we do not have any money to buy even very cheap instruments, I came up with this very low budget cookie tin idea.

This is an almost fully recycled project; only the metal wire might have to be bought, if you don’t have something lying around. Just find someone to join you in eating the cookies and emptying the bottles and it will be a very enjoyable evening!

Hmm . . . you may need a nap before starting in with the pliers – that’s a whole lotta butter cookies! – Link


Hacked Bop-it tambourine – Link

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