Dual vocal synth speaks eerie language of awesome

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Dual vocal synth speaks eerie language of awesome

After sufficient incubation, Eric Archer released this inspiring specimen of audio electronics unto our ears. The Dual SP0256 Vocal Synth produces some decidedly thick synchronized pseudo-vocalizations – and it’s certainly no slouch in the features department either –

  • 2 trigger inputs to step through pitch and vocal sequences independently
  • speech data stored cartridge-style on EPROM
  • 2-oscillator richness using dual SP0256-AL2 speech chips with crossfade mixer
  • optimized low-pass filtering for less strident tone
  • SP0256 crystal oscillators replaced with VCOs for pitch control
  • each chip has an independent / linkable 4-step analog step sequencer for pitch
  • lower step sequencer has switchable clock divider (divide/2 to divide/16)
  • glide and LFO functions
  • speech rate (slur) control
  • built-in realtime programmable sequencers for pitch and speech trigger

IR Sync input for wireless infrared tempo matching
And as a bonus, it makes a hair-raising screeching sound when the power is turned off!


The Dual Vocal is a descendent of Eric’s earlier analog-controlled speech synthesizer and it’s initial speech data is actually derived from text, even passing through Microsoft Excel on it’s way to becoming sound. More infos for the project can be acquired over @ ericarcher.net.


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