How-To: Build a “rumble pipe”


In this KipKay video, Kip shows you how to make a simple sound effects thingy out of some PVC pipe, a piece of drum skin, and a spring.

Rumble Pipe SFX Fun!

8 thoughts on “How-To: Build a “rumble pipe”

  1. MadRat says:

    I love Kip Kay’s videos. This one isn’t quite as glitzy as usual but this looks like a fun project to build for my nieces/nephews.

  2. craig says:

    Hmmm, I have PVC in diameters up to 22″ with a 5/8″ thick wall, and a garage door spring. How big and deep a rumble can we get? 1/4″ luan plywood would make a good diaphragm for the spring vibrations of that magnatude perhaps.

  3. JustinM says:

    I had a toy as a child that is along the same lines as this: the Zoob Tube. If I can recall it was a about a 3 foot cardboard tube with a plastic Dixie cup stuck in each end. A long spring is stretched between each cup producing some nice cosmic sounds.

  4. nivekc711 says:

    For those of you considering doing this project:

    -Try getting the PVC schedule 40- 3″ diameter, 10″ long. Thats what I used and its worked great. If you ask your local hardware store I’m sure they’ll cut it for you free of charge. cost about $1 per tube
    -For drumheads you can use broken drumheads, just don’t use the area that is cracked. Use multiple plys or layers (i used 6)
    -For the spring you don’t need a long one, just get an “expandable” spring that you can stretch. I used 1/4″ x 5″ springs but stretched to 17″- cost about $1.50
    – I didn’t use hot glue, but I just used some of the plumbers goop to seal the spring in place

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