How-To: Make an audio cassette tape loop

How-To: Make an audio cassette tape loop

Instructables author (and Community Manager) Randy Sarafan writes:

Theoretically it sounds really easy; you can make a tape loop by taping the ends of a short piece of magnetic ribbon together and sticking it back inside the cassette tape. However, if you ever actually tried to do this, you will soon realize that it is a tad bit trickier than one would think. I spent an afternoon working out and refining this science. After many tries and many, throw-my-hands-in-the-air-and-promise-to-give-up sorts of moments, I think I have it down reasonably enough to write instructions for someone else to do it. Now you too can tape the ends of magnetic ribbon together, and profit!

Audio Cassette Loop

10 thoughts on “How-To: Make an audio cassette tape loop

  1. barney rubble says:

    In the next make magazine:

    – The Wheel; they might be on to something here…
    – Making fire with rocks, rocks!
    – And other techniques from the STONE AGE!

  2. Wilson! says:

    There’s this trend on teh Internets where, when someone criticizes a blog posting, someone else inevitably gets defensive and posts something like, “Oh, yeah? Well, where’s your blog full of better stuff?”

    This isn’t one of those posts. Instead, I’m reviving another old saw: If you don’t like what Make: has on its web site, why don’t you just shut the f— up and go read something you like. It’s called voting with your eyeballs. Just go, now. We’ll wait.

  3. Volkemon says: you would be at a loss to MAKE: fire with rocks. Try it sometime. Heck, getting the ‘fire’ from the rocks is the easy part…getting the proper tinder, and fostering the spark to a flame is an art in itself. But it looks and sounds so easy……

    @Wilson!…Right there with you.

    Sure, this may be old-tech…but so are screwdrivers, and I use one on the most modern appliances you can buy…

    But to my embarassment….on cleaning out Mom’s house, and finding live recordings on cassette from ’89-’92…I was at a loss on how to play and copy them! Lucky for me Mom had the hardware there to do so and share memories…

    I do love me digital world, however. Just to be clear…I just can love and live in both.

  4. John says:

    Where are the instructions for actually making a loop tape?

  5. John Edwards says:

    Click ‘Audio Cassette Loop’ at the end of the introduction above.

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