How-To: Mini drum synth on protoboard

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How-To: Mini drum synth on protoboard

Far beyond simply open-sourcing the schematic, Eric Archer posted a full step-by-step for recreating his Mini Space Rockers drum-synth kit on protoboard. Hmm … I get the feeling he really wants us to build these =] – very awesome.


Included with the project is a list of 25 variations for achieving a wide range of different sounds, all the way from “Thump Bass” to “Space Hawk” –

First choose which sound you’re going to build. […] Thats how you determine what values to use for capacitors C1, C2, and C3. What they do: C1 and C2 set the pitch range and affect the pitch envelope. C3 determines the decay time of the sound. I’ve tried up to 100uF here, which gives some looooong sweeps.

So build a wee space rocker, won’t you? – and be sure to post some audio of the results.

YouTuber datenkrieger75 built quite an excellent technobox featuring a patchable circular sequencer, a Gakken SX-150, and Mini Space Rocker circuits. Things start to sound prett wild (and eerily voice-like) around the 1m30s mark.[via Create Digital Music]

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