Kaossilator for MIDI control


Here’sa blunt but effective way to get the Korg Kaossilator to speak serially – use an audio->MIDI converter –

Finally, thanks to internet, I found a Pure data patch to convert the kaossilator to midi data ! So I have now a kaossilator, and an XY midi touch pad for the price of a single kaossilator !! Great !
Get midiyoke.
Get Puredata.
Get the pure data patch. (see web page)
Put your kaossilator out to your pc (mic or line in)
On pure data, select the midi “out to midiYoke 1”
On your host(fruity loops or other) select “midiYoke 1” as your midi in.
The channel are the 14th and the 15th.
You might need to fine tune the range of the CC in the patch ; they must go from 0 to 127.

Seems that audio to MIDI patch we covered a while back is proving useful for more than just theremins – Kaossilator MIDI via Google translate, original page in French

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