Lev and Thumpbot play crazy


Nice use of kinetic instruments to produce something that could theoretically be considered melodic.
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14 thoughts on “Lev and Thumpbot play crazy

  1. cheese1113 says:

    I think it’s Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”

  2. dragonphyre says:

    Which wasn’t a good song to begin with…

  3. AP says:

    I love the robotic theramin. Can anyone tell what’s playing the harmony?

  4. moonmilk says:

    The harmony’s being played by an old MT-32 synthesizer.

  5. AP says:

    Cool work, my friend. Is the synth also putting out MIDI signals running the ‘bots?

  6. samurai1200 says:

    Dragonphyre keep your hater-mouth shut. Gnarls is truth.
    This is too ill. I know youve all seen that computer-animation with a full on band of different self-playing instruments… the one that uses steel balls for drums… A real life version would be nuts!

  7. moonmilk says:

    Thanks, AP. It’s a laptop running Reaper and Max/MSP that’s controlling the synthesizer, theremin bot, and percussion bot through midi.

    Samurai, I know just the video you mean, and I’ve wondered if it could be done in real life.

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