LM386-based amp on BBtv

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LM386-based amp on BBtv

Our pals over at BBtv celebrate their 50th episode with Mark Frauenfelder showing how he built an LM386-based guitar amp. This is basically the same amp that was used in MAKE Volume 09, in the Cracker Box Amp project. The episode also includes a short video by MAKE contributor Bill Barminski (and Christopher Louie).

BTW: Mark complains in the video that the sound out of the amp is a little fuzzy. In the MAKE piece, Blind Lightnin’ Pete says that you can get a cleaner tone with more headroom by using the LM386N-4 variant of the chip and driving it at a higher voltage (it can handle up to 18V).

Mark makes a mini amp / Funky cowboy (BBtv’s 50th!) – Link

From Make: Books:
The $5 Cracker Box Amp project, as well as another LM386-based project, Mousey the Junkbot, can be found in our new 75-project collection, The Best of Make.
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  1. Graham Savai'i Hart says:

    The link to the BBtv article is off by one! It should be 2007/12/12 not 2007/12/13 (like this Make article!). Here’s the PROPER LINk: http://tv.boingboing.net/2007/12/12/mark-makes-a-mini-am.html

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