Low frequency percussion mic

Low frequency percussion mic



From the MAKE Flickr pool
Member Aud1073cH writes –

My DIY low frequency speaker microphone, inspired by the Yamaha Subkick. I feel this one is much better with a dual coil woofer allowing for coil selection, damping, and input modes. Also has its own DI circuit for use as a DI and speaker, and a balanced output. Pad, phase flip, and ground lift included.

He’s also created an instructable for the project. Nice remake!

SPKR MiK on Flickr –Link

SPKR MiK on Instructables –Link

Subkick on Yamaha.com –Link

2 thoughts on “Low frequency percussion mic

  1. Kaden says:

    Excellent. I bodged one of these things together a couple of nights ago, sans bells undt vistles, and my kick drum now aids digestion 12 healthy ways.

    Highly recommended.

    I’m sure that a Rock Band hack will be forthcoming shortly.

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