Lullaby for a MakerBot


There’s another first for MakerBot: electronic musician Haeyoung “Bubblfish” Kim wrote this song, supposedly the first original composition written for a MakerBot CupCake! If you’re digging this, check out MakerBot’s list of other musical compositions. If you want to make your own, there is a MIDI to gcode Python script that helps you convert your tunes. And if you don’t have a machine but still want to make CNC music, download the MakerBot sound library which consists of .AIF samples of various CupCake pulleys and servos.

2 thoughts on “Lullaby for a MakerBot

  1. tigerzero says:

    Ok, after watching this and the other CNC “music videos”, I need to try this with my machine. Hello, weekend project! :-)

    Although it would ruin the music, I wonder what sort of shapes you would get if you cut/printed with various 2-channel(axis) songs. My guess is that they would tend to be very linear and grid-like, but it probably depends a lot on the song. /Shrug. Could be neat.

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