Massive audio sampler of impressive bigness!


The circuit artiste known simply as “bwack” has created what is probably the most excellent sampler I will see in this lifetime (unless a giant-sized trend begins after this). Instead of taps, this things accepts punches as input –

he was commissioned by our good friends from the band family force 5 to construct the largest sampler in the history of live rock music. and, with the assistance of his carpentry proficient padre, don bwack, he has done it. there were a few necessary requirements: one, it needed to withstand much energetic punching, and kicking, and general jovial abuse from one of the rowdiest live bands on the planet. there was also the need for it to dominate space with an aesthetic presence large enough to compete with one of the more style conscious outfits on the planet; the family has panache in spades and this thing had to be classy to occupy a stage such thoughtfully coifed hair and magically coordinated garmentry.

Hmm … a giant synth could turn knob-twiddling into a decent upper-body workout! – bwack is a genius i think – [via Creat Digital Music]

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