MIDI kit for a vintage synth chip

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MIDI kit for a vintage synth chip

Ymsynthkit2 Cc

This looks interesting – Stray Technologies is offering a USB-MIDI controllable kit based on the YM2149 sound generator IC, famed for its use in classic computer and game consoles –

The chip is most well known for its use in the Apple II Mockingbird soundcards and Atari ST computers. The YM or the chip from which it was derived (GI’s AY-3-8910) also created the music and audio in the Intellivision, Vectrex, some MSX systems, Sinclair ZX and Spectrum home computers, and many arcade machines.

Those curious about the YM2149 can check out the chip’s datasheet and even give the device a virtual test run via this Windows VST plugin. [via Synthtopia]

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