Mini Quadrotors Play the James Bond Theme

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Mini Quadrotors Play the James Bond Theme

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A group of UPenn Engineering students have taken several quadrotors and turned them into robotic musicians. We’ve seen the great swarming abilities of these machines recently, but now using various instruments and noisemakers, these aerial drones manage to plunk out a fairly convincing version of the “James Bond” theme.

The students who created this piece have started their own company, KMel Robotics, from which I’m sure we’ll see (and hear) more innovation by these tiny UAVs.

[via The Creators Project]


10 thoughts on “Mini Quadrotors Play the James Bond Theme

  1. Josh Vance says:

    That is amazing. I don’t even want to know how long that took to program.

  2. dutchfreak says:

    well it sure is a “A View to a Kill”

    :P sorry, i had to.

  3. rocketguy1701 says:

    The control for the picket fencing quadcopters was particularly brilliant. Loved how they scooted back around and queued up for their runs.

    1. Michael Colombo says:

      Yes! An aerial assembly line…

  4. Martin Harvey says:

    I once saw around 6 or 8 hacked floppy disk drives playing the doctor who theme. It was amazing!

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