Minty Amps kits

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Minty Amps kits

In response to Mark’s posting of the LM386 amp project on BBtv, this guy posted a link to his Minty Amps kit. I don’t think we’ve ever blogged about this kit here. If you’re lazy and want a kit version of this simple, low parts count project, these kits and PCBs look like a good way to go. If you’re pathetically lazy, you can even get one pre-assembled for a mere $7.45.

Minty Amps – Link

4 thoughts on “Minty Amps kits

  1. Pekar says:

    I’d like to point out that the chip that he uses is the right lm386.
    The JRC 386BD
    handles 12 volts and distorts better than other inferior versions.
    If you want to hot rod your crackerbox, try this chip. And try 12 volt battery.

    ps JRC stands for Japanese Radio Company.

  2. jovial_cynic says:

    I made this amp for my electric violin, and housed it in an old stereo speaker.

    Little Gem

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