MP3 Grenade!

MP3 Grenade!

From the MAKE: Flickr pool

Matt’s long unfulfilled dream of an explosive audio player has finally been realized with help of a hacksaw, 1GB mp3 player and a inactive(pretty sure) hand grenade –

Final form of the mp3 grenade… playing music albeit with a busted ground on the 1/8th inch.. .easy fix… will finish that up… electrical tape into place… and then seal up with jb weld for epic win. Sansa 1 GB internal loaded with Kompressor mp3s purchased legally off amazon mp3s. This is the worlds most utterly badass mp3 player. So badass in fact that you can’t use it as you might die a horrible painful death. Fear the newest weapon in the war of music piracy! ARRRRR!

Ahhh … I’m quite certain Mr. Kompressor would be very proud. Hope Matt didn’t have plans for listening to this thing on the train/sidewalk/gym/anywhere public. – Shots of the mp3 grenade! on Flickr and more of the story on NYCResistor

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