New sounds for the classic Optigan instrument

New sounds for the classic Optigan instrument

Optigan aficionado Pea Hix created a homebrew sound disc for the awesomely obscure instrument – the first expansion for the instrument in 34 years!

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for! We are now ready to release the first in a series of new, high quality Optigan discs. We’ve listened to your feedback and have produced a disc that contains the sounds most requested, and in the style that scored the highest in our survey. We call the disc Radioaktivox. Is in the style of a familiar German synthesizer band from the seventies. We used the much sought after Optigan/Orchestron choir sound for the keys- a sound made famous by said band. We used the original source material from the master tapes and have totally eliminated the clicks and pops at the loop seams.

Pre-orders are currently being accepted – NEW Optigan disc – RADIOTAKTIVOX


In case you’re not familiar, the Optiganis a 70’s-era electronic keyboard which creates sounds via samples recorded on optical disc. It was marketed as an easy-to use family instrument, but it’s low-cost mechanisms and general quirkiness made it too unreliable for mainstream success. The instrument does however hold a special place in the hearts of many musicians due to its unique sound quality and kitschy prerecorded sequences.

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