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Preamp Cable
In-Cable Preamp Schem

This one could be great for bass players and other DI-ers

A Preamp Cable is a phantom powered discrete FET (Field Effect Transistor) preamp built into the plug of a guitar cable. It provides almost all the advantages of an on-board preamp with none of the disadvantages.

To the best of my knowledge I invented the Preamp Cable in 1992 and improved it in 1996, though it wouldn’t surpise me if someone has done this before. I’ve built up a number of prototypes with subtle variations and have been using them ever since.

A newfound need for phantom power could be disadvantage if you’re mixer is not properly equipped. The author discusses a phantom power pass-thru box for such situations, but that sort of defeats the project’s convenience. Check the site for variations and project description – FET Preamp Cable

Hmm, anyone seen a phantom fuzz cable yet?

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Preamp kits

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