Programmable guitar effects pedal

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Programmable guitar effects pedal


Imagine using a stompbox that can be programmed with your own custom effect via open source software. The Coyote-1 aims to be just that –

The OpenStompTM Coyote-1 is an open source audio effects processor built for guitar players. With the Coyote-1 users can develop custom audio effects in software (like distortion, echo, chorus etc.), mix multiple effects to build “patches”, and exchange those effects and patches with the OpenStompTM community.

A companion Windows application (OpenStompTM Workbench) allows Users to combine effects into patches graphically, and to move patches and effects between the Coyote-1 device and their PC’s disk.

The Coyote-1 O/S is open source so users can tweak it to behave any way they like, and the hardware is fully documented so that developers can take control of the whole pedal, dedicating all available system resources toward the implementation of unique custom solutions.

Fully documented Parallax Propeller based hardware – still in development at this point but this could prove to be very awesome – OpenStomp Coyote-1 [Thanks Dan!]

Avr Sound Fx Crop
AVR Sound Effects Processor

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