Solartron hybrid synthtar!

Solartron hybrid synthtar!

Hello Solartron! You are certainly are a unique, shiny midi/photo-theremin/LED lightshow monster! From the archives of Matrixsynth –

The first function of Solartron is as an experimental Midi Ribbon Controller. These controls are located in the middle section of the device.The second function of Solartron is a Light Sensitive Photocell Theremin. The Photocell Theremin is housed in a small Red Dome, located in the top portion of the device, directly above the Midi Controller section.
A third feature of Solartron is quite unique [. . . ] A large Black Knob is located on the right side panel, and with this knob you may control the rate, or speed at which the Red LED Radioactive Symbol and row of LED’s flash.

I’m guessing the fourth feature of Solartron is its ability to club enraged space-beasts! Feature rich? Yessir! – Link



LED tunnel of noise . . . box – Link