Sonic Wargame joins mob rule to live performance

Sonic Wargame joins mob rule to live performance


In an attempt to make the often crowded and unwieldy dance club scene more engaging, “Sonic WarGame” by Dutch musician and maker, Xavier Van Wersch, allows four single players or two teams of two players each to compete in a collaborative sound installation. The aim is to vote for other players (or musicians) using this custom built console and in turn create a sonic composition based on how many votes each artist receives. Think of it as “Rock Band” meets “Survivor” where all the votes count in order for the composition to continue. The project will be in action at the “Club Transmediale 2008” this February in Berlin. Pretty interesting concept for an interactive performance, we just wonder how melodic the end result turns out.

Sonic Wargame – Link, Photos, [via]

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