Speaker Dolls

Speaker Dolls

Munny Speakers
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Flickr pool member Fungus Amungus made these chic speakers using Munny figures as enclosures. Not sure what level of hifi those little guys can deliver, but considering the cuteness factor – I might not even care much. – Munny speakers on Flickr

Update: As pointed out in the comments – Jason Siu has made a number of very awesome speaker figures


– including a munny.


Sinister7 Crop
Magic 8-Ball meets an MCU in a vinyl toy

10 thoughts on “Speaker Dolls

  1. thesamurai1200 says:

    speaker-faced munnies?! why didnt i think of this?!

  2. carlos says:

    This reminds me of the characters at a website I saw years ago for a group called Tokyo Plastic. They also recently did an ad for the Toyota Yaris

  3. ninjabong says:

    look like the speaker/toys that Jason Siu has been doing years.

    very nice DIY job on them though, and can’t beat limited edition of one!

  4. Collin Cunningham says:

    I’m aware they’re not the first audio-munnies – but they’re the first ones here on Makeblog :D

  5. Caroline says:

    So cute, i love this. What a great idea.

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