terminatorX: turntable gallery (use a mouse a turntable!)

terminatorX: turntable gallery (use a mouse a turntable!)

Here’s a great gallery of mouse-turned-turnables! Alex writes –

While scratching with the mouse usually sounds the way terminatorX users want it to (at least if the feedback I get is representative) it doesn’t really feel like scratching. The only way to get that traditional haptic feedback is to turn your turntable into a mouse device.

If you want to do this without harming your mouse nor turntable, the method suggested by the terminatorX logo should be feasible. Optical input devices are known to produce best results in such a scenario. For those interested here’s a document on how I turned my old turntable into a terminatorX device.

Luckily a lot of terminatorX users have built their own turntables…

terminatorX: turntable gallery – Link.


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