The Red Rig electronic drumkit of boldness

The Red Rig electronic drumkit of boldness

Redrig Drumkit

As an homage to Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein axe, Connecticut electro-percussionist Steve Lovelace created this kit of impressive visual loudness –

OK folks… Here it is, in all its ’80s glory: the 6-sided Red Rig. Made to mimic the look of the vintage drum pads, it’s made of 100% PVC pipe and copper pad fittings. All custom designed – made it up as I went along. The wiring harness took about a day to make, and is almost completely hidden inside the tubes themselves. The ends just hang in place for quick connection to the pads when setting up, and to connect to the snake that feeds the equipment rack.

The Red Rig

Red Rig on Flickr


8 thoughts on “The Red Rig electronic drumkit of boldness

  1. jane says:

    omg i love it.

  2. says:

    The title sounds like it should have +1 on the end…
    “Electronic Drumkit of Boldness +1”

  3. Endif says:

    Well, the cymbals and stand may be custom made, but the pads themselves are quite obviously Simmons, probably from several SDSV’s. You can even see the Simmons logo on the kick shells.

    Which would make it *sound* Eighties-tastic: each SDSV is an enclosure for 5-7 analogue percussion modules and is the epitome of fat cheesy awesomeness. Love the hell out of mine, use it all the time.

    The ‘wiring harness’ would just be standard XLR cables, unless they custom built a snake inside the tubes to interface with the stage snake. Cool stuff though.

    1. Michael DeVille says:

      No, these are SDS9 or SDS1000. You can’t actually tell just from looking at them, the difference between the two sits on the inside. The SDS9 has an extra trigger for rim shots. The SDS1000 pads however does not. Also the SDSV (or 5 if you will) has a metal frame and riot shield for strike surfaces. For the SDS9 and SDS1000 pads they used rubber (developed to save the drummers wrists).

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