Vernian synth-modular in etched brass

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Vernian synth-modular in etched brass

Synthpunk Modular
Synthpunk Snvoice-Panel

Jake von Slatt sends word of this elegant example of analog synthesis in brass. Brought real by a maker named Peter, who describes his strategy for the build –

I don’t have any plans to add a keyboard to the setup anytime soon. Being an electronic instrument the control interface is somewhat arbitrary. I feel that the piano-keyboard paradigm forces you to approach the instrument with a mind set that is deeply rooted in western musical tradition and therefore has some baggage attached to it.

I’m more interested in creating an open ended music system that encourages exploration and discovery and not be limited by the twelve notes of the western scale. The idea being that this system is an experimental sound generating engine, with all parameters for shaping the sounds available as panel controls. I’m not so interested in sitting down and playing a melody on a keyboard. If that were the case I could have just bought a Casiotone and been done with it.

In any case, I’m sure it would become a Brassiotone post haste.
The ongoing work-in-progress incorporates classics Synth DIY such as Thomas Henry’s SNVoice and the work of Ken Stone.
Synthpunk Inprogress

Never new panel hardware would look so nice on brass – Downright gorgeous work. Read the interview and watch relevant video over @ The Steampunk Workshop – Jules Vernian Analog Synthesizer

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