Weird Instruments


Sometimes I stumble across items that are just over the edge. What would you do with a midi blender? How could you rock a disc drive guitar? I don’t know the answer, but I can’t wait for someone to find out!

4 thoughts on “Weird Instruments

  1. itsadryheat says:

    I get the disk drive; it’s cool-ish. I hope the blender sounds better live. I was expecting different speeds to produce different tones, but I couldn’t tell if that was really happening.

  2. figgalicous says:

    The way it comes out of my speakers, The disc drive’s tone & pitch could be mic’d & processed with a wah pedal to make some fairly convincing voice sounds. This approach to mechanized talking could have intrinsic benefits over synthesized/playback speech. Voices sound a certain way because of their hardware (ie: fleshy parts), If I lived on tatooine, my droids would have ‘voice’ boxes made of actual hardware. Then we could talk about stuff while we fixed the vaporators.

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