Musician’s rig database on Guitar Geek

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Musician’s rig database on Guitar Geek

Steven Leckart writes on CoolTool:

Ever wonder what instruments, pedals and assorted gizmos Eric Clapton used on stage with Cream circa 1968? If you’re a gearhound, amateur musician, professional journeyman, or weekend warrior, Guitar Geek is a fantastic resource (and a major potential time suck). In addition to a laundry list of gear, with each artist comes a very straightforward visual roadmap of what hooks into what. Plus, each specific piece of gear gets its own page with additional info and links to every band in the database that uses, for instance, the Digitech WH-1 Whammy: Robert Fripp, Steve Vai, Radiohead, and My Bloody Valentine, just to name a few. The catalog of bands/guitars is not as vast as it could be. It’s very late-90s-heavy and there are some glaring omissions — no Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin. Also, the site says the accuracy of each setup is not guaranteed, as each has been cobbled together from bios, concert footage, eyewitness accounts, press and online research. Nevertheless, even if you’re a fan who has no interest in building your dream setup, there’s a certain wow factor when you dive in here (check out Eddie Van Halen’s rig circa 1997. Seriously.). When I was 14 years-old and played non-stop, not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined so much info would ever be available in one place.

Guitar Rig Database

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