Nail Self-Portrait

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Nail Self-Portrait

This project is done on a sheet of heavy 3/4? plywood, 48? (four feet) square, with a grid of a half dozen different kinds of nails and screws spaced roughly 5/16? apart (and some wire to do the lines in my signature). That means that there are well over 20,000 pixels in the project, and I’d estimate that there are in the neighborhood of ten thousand nails and screws! The metal and wood frame that the painting floats in uses 2x8s, so this entire thing weighs close to two hundred pounds.

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  1. nail and spa says:

    Crosscut steel nail files can cause tiny tears and splits in the nails, which will lead to weaker, brittle nails that break often

  2. nail and spa says:

    · Going back and forth with a nail buffer will also damage your nails

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