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Though CRAFT Volume 10 has just hit the stands, we’re already working hard on the next issue, which will focus on crafting with nature. I’ve been combing through magazines and blogs looking for inspiration and found the works of this self-taught German photographer Maditi, who contributed to Lines and Shapes. The photos inspire me to get out and start experimenting with my camera. Everything I need is out there — I just have to find the right light!
The cool blurry background can be accomplished by most digital point-and-shoot cameras. Just get close to your subject (say it’s a tree branch) and press the shutter halfway down to make sure it’s focusing on the branch, not the backdrop. Then snap the picture. Keep experimenting with it until you get the right composition.
For more photo tips, check out the article from Volume 8, “Shoot For the Stars.”

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  1. Heather says:

    I was sorry to hear that the print version of Craft: will no longer be published but it’s certainly understandable in this economy. Any chance you’ll be blogging about some of the items from the crafting with nature issue that didn’t come to be?

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