New Art Tool Review from Crabfu

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New Art Tool Review from Crabfu
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It’s the holiday break and that usually means that Crabfu, aka I-Wei Huang (chief character designer for Toys for Bob/Skylanders and MAKE contributor), is monkeying around with some new art tools (and making cool review and demo videos). This year, I-Wei tries his hand at the new Wacom Creative Stylus for iPad Air. He likes it (a lot), but had trouble getting much response from the lightest pen pressure, so he retrofitted the stylus with a Teflon tip from Hex3. In the review video, he shows you several ways to make this conversion. He ends his thoughtful review with a bunch of awesome speed drawing videos showing him using the Creative Stylus and Hex3 nib.





I love watching I-Wei (and other artists) work. As with any form of making these days, there are so many powerful and affordable tools and great how-to/demo videos available. It all just seems so… doable. I’d love to see more makers trying their hand at art. I don’t take New Year’s Resolutions all that seriously, but I think, in 2014, I’m going to get a good drawing app on my tablet and a stylus and get back to sketching. I did a lot of it in my teens and sometimes miss it a lot. Today’s digital art tools couldn’t be more forgiving, so why not?

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