New line o’ geek tees

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New line o’ geek tees

These shirts definitely caught my attention when they showed up on the MAKE Flickr pool. David Adams, of the newly-launched Atoms Apparel, writes:

We are some makers and hardware hackers in Seattle that started a screen printing project this summer to make some hardware hacker shirts. We got such a great response from our friends that we decided to gear up and start printing professional-quality shirts for makers, geeks, DIYers, and hardware hackers. LED shirts, hot glue gun, transistors, oscilloscope shirt, etc. We’ve made most of the screen printing gear ourselves and the shirts have turned out very nice. Hope you’ll have a look.

My plastic is definitely getting nervous in my wallet.

Atoms Apparel

4 thoughts on “New line o’ geek tees

  1. corey Bayus says:

    I was very excited to get my hands on one of these cool looking shirts but two months after ordering one, still nothing, nada, zilch. They got my money and I got nothing!

  2. mpechner says:

    Their shirts are very cool. Once you get them. The quality is good. But they have a long way to go before they become a reputable company.

    1. The acknowledgment has only an order number and what you were charged.
    2. Being charged weeks before the merchandise ships is wrong.
    3. Accepting orders for merchandise that is not in stock is wrong.
    4.The website does not let you know that the item is not in stock. Point eaten to death?
    5. They are reactive not proactive in contacting customers.

    the first order took 3 weeks to be shipped. This last order and I am still waiting after 40 days and one fake promise that my order would be shipped. I know it was not shipped. Seattle to Palo Alto by any shipping method does not take 10+ days. Of course the promise came after I contacted them.

    This is not how you run a business.

    They should just move their designs to cafe press. As I said, the designs as very cool.

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