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At the Maker Faire, Ralph Morehouse from Singer was on hand to demo the latest in Singer sewing and embroidery machines. Ralph was stationed in the CRAFT Corner and also provided sewing machines for Giana Gonzalez to use for her Hacking Couture, the Italian Hack workshop, that ran all weekend. Giana and I opened the boxes together on Friday afternoon to set everything up and we were amazed there were a two embroidery sewing machines in the mix. “This must be what guys feel like when they see a Ferrari,” exclaimed Giana. I agreed, likening it to a surprise Christmas in May.

On Sunday when I had more time to walk around the expo hall, Ralph gave me a special demo showing me the latest that Singer is bringing us with embroidery and sewing machines. And lets just say I was more excited than when I was opening the actual boxes!

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Singer Quantum Futura (CE-200)

Suggested Retail Price about $800

The Singer Quantum Futura is like an affordable first class plane ticket to heaven. I am pretty computer savvy so when Ralph showed me the process of the machine embroidering the image from the laptop, I believe I had my jaw open. He explained to me that this machine could be likened to a “sewing machine printer”. Whatever design in most any kind of format that I wanted to create on the computer from illustration, design, to photos, could be embroidered by this sewing machine.

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A special computer software program processes the image or illustration and creates thread layers (for photos, details are simplified). Once a color is all done, the machine will stop for the next color that’s set to be embroidered. Pictured above, the Quantum Futura machine processes all the brown first, then starts in on embroidering the yellow to make up the final wheat stalks. Currently, these sewing machines connect only to PC laptops but for those of you tech savvy enough, you can see if the new Intel Macs running Windows will be sufficient enough.


But wait, if $800 is still a bit too steep for you, you can get the embroidery basics with the Singer Futura (CE-100)which retails for about $500 and still lets you connect a laptop to the machine!

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Singer Quantum XL-6000

Suggested Retail about $3,000

The top of the line right now is the Singer Quantum XL-6000 which has more power with a color touch screen display, multiple thread spools, multiple languages, improved embroidery lettering, and a continuous hoop which allows for creating borders for garments and home decor projects. Pictured above is Ralph testing a “G” design for Giana’s Italian “Gucci” hack explorations.

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Here’s a close up of the “G” embroidery and you can see the fine detail this machine can go to.

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A sample from the Gucci hack showing a modfied Gucci print embroidered by the Quantum XL-6000.

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Ok I’m sure by now after reading all this, you’ll all be running out to get these machines. I’m happy that Singer is coming out with these great sewing and embroidery machines that can fit into any crafter’s budget. Thanks Ralph for the great demos!

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