Open source Homeland Security non-lethal weapon – The Do-it-yourself handheld LED-based Incapacitator: THE BEDAZZLER

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Adafruit’s first open source Homeland Security non-lethal weapon project – The “Do-it-yourself Handheld LED-Based Incapacitator: THE BEDAZZLER”. After attending a conference where the $1million “sea-sick flashlight” (THE DAZZLER) was demoed by Homeland Security, Adafruit decided to create an under $250 version and here are the source code, schematics and PCB files! This is not a kit – but it is an Arduino project!

Check it out!

8 thoughts on “Open source Homeland Security non-lethal weapon – The Do-it-yourself handheld LED-based Incapacitator: THE BEDAZZLER

  1. Agronski says:

    Festung Amerika, Willkommen.

    Direct your attention to the “cruel and unusual” part of most lawbooks, the Vienna Treaty protocol IV (laser blinding weapons), and the fact that it’s not illegal to carry “a torch” around in most states.

    All I can say is – thank god it doesn’t work that well, because I’d really rather not be made to have a fit at the whim of someone with a soldering iron and a mean streak.

    One last thing – having your heatsink blow exhaust straight over your microcontroller seems a little sloppy to me.

  2. b says:

    This article really needs to come with a big flashing disclaimer – THIS SHOULD NOT ACTUALLY BE USED FOR SELF DEFENSE. The author in the video makes it pretty clear that this doesn’t actually cause the desired response. The last thing we need is a bunch of Makers running around with these things thinking that they’ve actually got a self-defense system – this spells “trouble” (followed by “lawsuit”).

  3. winterismute says:

    Well, yes the ones they mention in conspiracy theory books, this is an early stage psychotronic weapon. It seems that when you flash different color lights, with certain sequences, it *may* make people dizzy. The conspiracy theory books also had mentions to varying magnetic and electrical fields might cause the same effect. For example, a special tone of green and a special tone of orange, causes dizzyness when shown to subject at altering frequencies. I had restrained myself from experimenting on these things, because it might have unforeseen harms on people. What if it triggers an epilepsy seizure on by some of bystanders?

    I think it is uncool for adafruit to make plans available, but on the other hand, reverse engineering such device, (that is trying to be marketed by some other company) – sounds like a political act to me. now everyone is going to have it.

  4. ehrichweiss says:

    Ok, well the cat is out of the bag on this idea so I’m gonna give you the REAL way to use something like this…

    Ever stare at a camera when the flash goes off and get those spots? I took several(10+) flash units from disposable cameras and chained them in such a way that pressing one button staggered flashes(usually 2 at a time) to fire causing temporary blindness and usually confusion.

    Sonic weapons won’t work if your attacker is deaf or hard of hearing but unless your attacker is blind this will work like a charm. Try it.

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