Panoramic video experiment

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Panoramic video experiment

Panoramic Video Experiment
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Dr.photon is exploring the world DIY video panoramics –

[…] a parabolic mirror would be ideal. However, I had a christmas ornament on hand and the software function I was using to unwrap the image was based on a sphere (polar distortion). as it turned out my camera is too low-res. You wind up blowing the central portion of the image up a bit too much and the resulting image is a bit pixelated. I plan to try again with a better camera. As is though, works pretty good for an afternoons work.

Definitely a simple yet intriguing approach – wish he’d posted some of the results, we wouldn’t mind a better view of those fancy lookin’ knob boxes lying about ;)
panoramic video experiment on Flickr

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