13 Crafty Ways to Use Egg Cartons

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Egg cartons are the ultimate free craft supply. Their shape and ability to be easily manipulated lends themselves nicely to a myriad of functional and decorative items. I hope you’ll be inspired by this roundup to save the carton in your fridge and use it for your next project. Kudos to Mr. Joseph Coyle who invented the egg carton in 1911!

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A handy on-the-go sewing kit, or for someone who is just starting into sewing.


Our friend Lish likes to stay organized when working on a craft project. She uses a carton to separate her punched paper bits. Just close the lid when you need to stop, and everything stays right where you left it!


Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt with the kids and fill all the carton cubbies with specimens from nature. Free printable included!

egg carton roses - all

Fantastic tutorial on how to make these gorgeous paper roses from egg cartons.

egg carton succulent - square 5

Another super tutorial for making paper succulents. No water required!

Egg Carton Gift Bow Tutorial Michele Made Me

I love the texture of this flower gift topper. So clever. Video tutorial included.


Now that you know how to make carton flowers, add some paint and make a wreath!


Adorable kids masks from egg cartons.


Disposable paint palettes. Or if you buy the Styrofoam cartons, you could reuse.


Animal noses for dress up time. Super sweet.


Chicken egg holder. I love this idea but the egg cartons in my region don’t quite look like this with the tall peaks, so please be warned you may have trouble finding the right shape.


Great for keeping those small Christmas ornaments organized.

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After all this crafting, you can relax by the fireplace, but you may need these homemade fire starters first!

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