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3D Knitter’s Gift Tag
By Jamie Chan

Often times when I knit a project I have a wee bit of yarn left over. Not enough to knit but just enough to keep for embellishment. This quick tutorial will show you how to make a cute 3-dimensional gift tag with your leftover bits of yarn. The perfect way to send off a knitted gift or that special skein of yarn to a friend!

3Dknit Materials


3 leftover strands of yarn, cut to 32″ in length The suggested weight is worsted. If you have sock yarn, cut it to about 36″ in length and use 4-5 strands.
Strip of chipboard or a cardboard roll from toilet tissue
Tacky glue that dries clear
Utility knife
Double-pointed bamboo toothpicks
2 tiny round glass beads
Blank manila shipping tags
Rubber alphabet stamps (optional)
Black stamp pad (optional)


3Dknit Step1
Step 1: If you have rubber stamps, you can stamp the words “To:” and “From:” on the tag and set aside to dry. Alternately, you can hand-write them.
3Dknit Step2
Step 2: Cut a piece of chipboard 2″ in length and ¾” in width. Fold and crease ¼” on each end of the strip to create 2 cardboard tabs.
3Dknit Step3
Step 3: Hold the chipboard with the tabs facing up. Holding 3 (or 5 if you’re using sock yarn) strands of yarn begin wrapping around the board front to back, going back and forth from one end to the other end, until the ends of the yarn meet on the back. Glue the strands down in the back.
3Dknit Step4
Step 4: Bend the board to a half circle, enabling the tabs to meet. Glue one tab on top of the other by placing a bead of glue on one side. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Place glue on the back tab and position it on your tag. Hold in place for about 15 seconds, or till the ball adheres to the tag.
3Dknit Step5
Step 5: Add some glue to one end of the toothpick and secure a bead in place. Sometimes the tip of the toothpick will stick out of the end of the bead. If this is the case, after it is glued, use a utility knife to cut off the excess toothpick at the top. Make 2 needles and place the needles through the hole in the center of the ball.
3Dknit Step6
You can use some additional strands of yarn for a tassel on the end of your tag and it’s ready to be given to someone special!
About the Author:
Author Jamiechan
Jamie Marie Chan is a crafter, shop owner, and educator in San Francisco, Calif. She runs Urban Fauna Studio, San Francisco’s only green-certified fiber arts workshop and supply store.

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