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Kate and her son Tommy

The crafts that Kate Petty of Mini Eco create have a distinctly clean, bold, and graphic look: geometric shapes constructed in paper, yarn, ink, and even Lego. We’ve featured many of her projects here on Craft, over the past couple of years. She lives in the southwest of England, and is coming out with a new book this month, called MiniEco — A Craft Book.

“I come from a fine art background so I’ve been making/crafting/creating for as long as I can remember,” she says.

I was curious about the crafter behind these creations, so I recently got in touch with Kate and asked her a few questions:

One project you are particularly proud of:

1. Does my blog count as a project? I’m really proud of it anyway. It’s kind of the essence of me (without all the mess and clutter). I’ve been blogging for four years now and it’s become a real part of my life. Because of the blog I have really connected with a world-wide crafty community which is just ace (considering I am a bit of an introvert!).

Pencil brooch

Two mistakes you’ve learned from in the past:

1. Don’t let creative blocks get you down — it’s probably best just to go and do something else for a bit.

2. Children and permanent marker pens don’t mix!

Three new projects that you’re excited about lately:
1. My new Halloween invites!

2. My new book which is coming out in October!

3. I’ve just started teacher training course — can’t wait to pass some crafty skills onto the next generation.

Four tools you love to use:

1. My Swann-Morton craft knife (No. 3 handle)!

2. My Fiskars scissors

3. My steel ruler (sad, I know!)

4. My trusty cutting mat

Five people/things that inspire you

1. My kids

2. Nike Savvas (current favorite artists but honestly, I could list 100 people easily)

3. David Shrigley (for a guaranteed laugh)

4. New sheets of paper!

5. Poking around on Pinterest

More of Kate’s creations:

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