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Back in June, I saw these photos of a fun cardboard wheelbarrow in my G+ feed, and asked the owner of the images, Alfonso E.M., if I could share them on Make. He agreed, and told me the story of how he came to make a cardboard box wheelbarrow:

Last Sunday my son Pit (2.5 yo) took a toy store catalogue, and, pointing at a little plastic wheelbarrow, asked: “Daddy, can I buy this?”

That wheelbarrow was really tiny, and I thought he would get dissapointed If we buy it. So I took a cardboard box, a piece of PVC pipe, saw, and scissors and built this big one. In 5 minutes.

Sometimes a wheel slides off the axle (I still have to put a couple of caps), but Pit loves to fix it!

cardboard wheelbarrow4
Pit fixing his cardboard wheelbarrow.

cardboard wheelbarrow3

0 thoughts on “5-Minute Cardboard Wheelbarrow

  1. Nathan Guice says:

    may consider doing this with one of those corrugated plastic boxes like the post office uses. or just grab a cheap plastic tote.

    1. Alfonso E.M. says:

      Yes! That will be the “v2” ;-)


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