Behold, the Wreath of Khan

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The Wreath of Khan

The Wreath of Khan

Fans of puns and Star Trek had better be on red alert. I present to you, The Wreath of Khan!

Conceived by illustrator Josh Ellingson, this Ricardo Montalbán-enclosing holiday garland is a quick and easy project for the Trekker home. And once it’s up, you get the pleasure (if not the obligation) to muster your best, “Khaaaaan!” whenever you pass it.


A link to the Khan image used for this wreath can be found all over the internet. Once you’ve completed your own Khan wreath, I suggest printing up extra Montalbáns so that you can add Khans to other worthy wreaths you encounter. If Andre the Giant has a posse, shouldn’t Khan have an army of wreaths?

For those of you less inclined to combine Ricardo Montalbán and shrubbery, Josh is also selling his inspired combo in button form.

Making Khans

Khans in a box

5 thoughts on “Behold, the Wreath of Khan

  1. Scott Tuttle says:

    I reckon this would make you a khan artist. ba-dump!

  2. aleroe says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch just wouldn’t cut it.

  3. soul68 says:

    It’s a funny idea but it’s been floating around the internet for years.

  4. StormingR says:

    At least they used the real Khan.

  5. Phillyflopper says:

    Umm…this was an internet meme for at least several years. “Create” is a pretty strong word here.

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